Meet Your Guides

alex Ross

Canada hiking guide Alex Ross
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Alex spent his childhood racing across the rocky shores of the Georgian Bay in nothing but shorts, and a Tilley hat, slowing only to dodge rattlesnakes.  The few times he wasn't barefooted he wore his trusty rubber boots, especially when operating his first adventure tours (tearing around the yard with his little brother Julian clinging on for dear life in an usually airborne wheel barrow).  Helping people get out of their comfort zone and adventure has always been a calling.  He knew he would be an adventure guide when he was 8 years old, which justified focusing on having fun outside instead of homework.  He has extensively explored northern Ontario by canoe, learned to surf during cold Atlantic winter storms while completing a Commerce degree in Halifax, and traveled across the country to pursue a lifestyle of adventure in British Columbia.  After a few summers in the Canadian Coast Guard , raft guide school, guiding in the Yukon and Rockies, several ski seasons and being abused by heavy surf breaks around the world, he is looking forward to helping you do something amazing. 

Margot Phillips


Margot spent her early years tearing around the mountains of Vermont, canoeing the wild North and taming even wilder burger joints in her hometown Toronto. She lives for adventure and loves sharing those special moments. From leading wild river expeditions in some of the furthest reaches of North America to guiding groups around the mountain playground of the West, Margot is most at home on a mountain with a bevy of powder to play in. She can be bought with a frothy IPA, and can be terrorized by turtles, but her adventurous spirit and easy laugh are recipe for a good time. When not on tours with Fresh Adventures she can be found in the mountains around Rossland, yelling “Send It!!!” at unsuspecting people. Luck out and she might show you her secret spots!

Elisha Hill


Growing up in Eastern Canada, Elisha spent a lot of time exploring the woods around her family cottage, often convincing her reluctant sister to accompany her on wilderness adventures. Her summers were busy paddling to islands, filling buckets with wild blueberries, and winters full of snow shelters and ski days. Nowadays she can be spotted leading canoe trips on remote lakes and rivers, rafting in the depths of the Grand Canyon, caving and rappelling in Israel’s Negev desert or trekking through the mountainous regions of Colombia during her time off. That is when she isn’t busy taking lucky travelers on the adventure of a lifetime in her mountainous backyard of Western Canada. The only thing she loves more than immersing herself in nature is doing it with a great group of people!