Vancouver Island Tour Activities

During your guided tour of Vancouver Island we are going to make sure you discover all the hidden gems during a fun mix of day hiking, sight seeing and possibly even an included paddling trip (dependent on hiking conditions).  Our goal is to provide the absolute richest experience, where you can immerse yourself in the magic of the West Coast, though we are limited by the fact that our van would sink if we embarked on an ocean voyage.  Fear not, you have the option to safely hop on a couple of incredible marine experiences that we have hand picked and vetted for you.  These are totally optional and we have back up plans in place for anyone that does not wish to opt in for these activities, but we cannot recommend each of these experiences enough to get the most out of your visit.  

Vancouver Island optional Excursions and Add-ons

Barkley Sound Cruise

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Embark on a truly authentic cruise on a real working packet freighter as it delivers goods to remote fishing ports in Barkley Sound.  Over the course of 5 hours you will steam roughly 40 miles through prime habitat for spotting bald eagles, bears, sea lions, seals, porpoises and humpback whales.  The best part is that this is not some built up touristy experience- it's a real working freighter that visits places that are seldom seen by locals, never mind tourists.  The fact that this is only $45 makes this an absolute no brainer!  

Tofino Hot Springs Excursion

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There's an old saying: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink".  Well we are going to lead you to water and you have the chance to hop in a small boat and speed through 20 miles of untouched ocean wilderness to a remote island where you will stroll through ancient rain forest to a set of natural hot springs amidst the rugged shoreline.  This is one of the ultimate experiences in Tofino and a really good opportunity to see wildlife, since the outfitter is also one of the premier whale and bear watching companies.  This is a full day tour, lasting almost 7 hours and costs $130 per person.  

Tofino Kayaking Adventure

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Could there be a better way to explore the wilderness than paddling a kayak through remote ocean inlets, with more wildlife than people around?  Probably not, so we recommend taking a guided kayaking tour during your adventure in Tofino.  A cool part of this tour is that you are transported somewhere by boat before paddling, so you go straight to the beauty and away from the crowds.  This tour is $160.  

Tofino Surf Session


There is no better way to connect with the ocean than bobbing on a surf board, feeling the ebbs and flow of the waves while looking back at land.  Tofino is the ultimate place to learn to surf, with friendly locals, forgiving beaches and dependable waves that are the perfect size for learning.  You can rent a surfboard and wetsuit and go with your Fresh Adventures guide to a great beach.  Rentals are roughly $45 (and no, the water is not too cold).  

Other Options

For anyone not wishing to opt in to the above activities during the days in Tofino we have two great days of exploring planned as well, with some flexibility and free time built in.  Since the surf lessons are a bit ridiculous we are here to give you a quick run down on how to surf, and then do it with you!  If you don't want to surf this is a great time to hang out on the beach, enjoying the ocean breeze and warm sun.  The surf session usually is done during the morning and then we hike on some coastal trails during the afternoon, after a picnic lunch.  If you are keen on surfing, you can try it two days in a row, to get a better deal on your rentals, and really get the hang of it.  There is also opportunity for you to wander around Tofino, exploring the cafes, art galleries and gift shops. 

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(The surf session is instead of the kayaking or hot springs. You can do the hot springs one day, and the kayaking the next day if you are on the 6 day tour. If you are on the 5 day tour you have 1 day for activities in Tofino).
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