Medical Form

At Fresh Adventures we make your safety and well being a priority. In order to ensure your safety, we need an accurate understanding of your present health. Please take a moment to fill this form out as well as you can, including info on each person in your group.

We keep any information on this form confidential, and would only ever share the information in a medical emergency.

The completion of this form is mandatory for participation in our tours. We require the form filled out at the time of booking, or as soon after as possible. We reserve the right to deny participation on our tours, based on our assessment of your health, if we feel we cannot ensure your safety on one of our adventure tours.

Please be honest about everything, this information is to protect you.

Please include each traveler separated by commas.
Please list any past surgeries, injuries and hospitalizations and health conditions, including pregnancy.
Would you or you Doctor say you have any significant physical limitations?
Feel free to tell us anything else you feel might help.
Please describe any dietary restrictions. We will do our best to suit your needs. Feel free to include your favourite kind of foods.
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