Summer BC Adventure Tours

The peak of summer is upon us and what will you be doing this summer?  What BC adventure tour will help you create memories to last a lifetime?  With so many adventures available and so many tour operators, it can be hard to wade through all the options and hone in on the best options.  Worry not, we have chosen a few of our favourite adventure tours and listed them below.

Rafting adventures in BC on the Fraser River.

Rafting the Fraser River

Rafting the Fraser River is an absolute must do tour for any self respecting river enthusiast.  This adventure tour starts in Lytton, BC which is about 3 hours east of Vancouver on the Trans-Canada Highway.  The Fraser River is the largest commercially rafted river in the world, meaning that this is the home of big water thrills, and white knuckled chaperones.  Wind through river gorges hundreds, if not thousands of feet deep, gazing up at sheer rock walls as high as you can see.  By the time this rafting tour starts each season, the water is well below peak flow, which means you can see the unbelievable effect the water has had on the age old rock formations that line the river. 

Hang on tight for Hell's Gate, a rip roaring bottle-neck-of-a-good-time where several hundred thousand cubic feet of water rush through a narrow spot in the river each second.  Whirl Pool Eddy will have you respecting water and swearing never to raft again, while your massive raft gets sucked down a whirl pool bigger than the raft with your grinning guide goading the river on in the back.  If you have any adrenaline left say goodbye to it during the massive wave train of Sailor's Bar, near the end of your adventure tour. 

This tour is an ideal full day adventure, with epic whitewater that is outmatched only by the jaw dropping scenery along the ride.  Most of the ride is quite relaxing, despite the sections of thrilling whitewater.  We recommend going with Kumsheen Rafting Resort, based 6 km east of Lytton.  Tip:  camp here in a Teepee the night before for the full West Coast experience. 

Guided Hiking Adventure in Vancouver

Hiking and adventure tours in Vancouver with Fresh Adventures.

Nothing beats a visit to the bustling metropolis of Vancouver like a guided hiking tour high above the throngs of shoppers and traffic.  Escape to a world of peace and quite, into the wild, tranquility of the alpine landscapes that surround Vancouver. 

Start your adventure tour downtown, with a pickup at Canada Place, where you are whisked away into Stanley Park to check out totem poles that help make the West Coast so unique.  Escape to a quite, incredibly scenic world where your 4-5 hour guided hike begins.  You'll hike roughly 2 hours with your guide to the Summit of Mt Seymour, being rewarded with epic views with every hump you come over.  A healthy, locally sourced picnic lunch goes down easily in the fresh air, with an energetic performance being put on by the undeniably adorable resident chipmunks. 

Once your properly stuffed with local delicacies, head down to Lynn Canyon, crossing the knock-knee-inducing suspension bridge to a pristine and lush rain forest.  Here you will learn some of the local flora, including some tips on foraging in this bountiful ecosystem.  Finish off your tour with a trip across the Lion's Gate Bridge, enjoying picture perfect views of Vancouver's cityscape.  This tour is appropriate for beginner and expert hikers alike, catering to any reasonably active person.  We highly recommend going with Fresh Adventures for their professional service which takes the planning out of your hike and includes a luxury picnic lunch and transportation.