Rocky Mountain Camping Tours

Key information to make sure your tour rocks!

What to bring:

It's true, all you really need is a pair of shoes and a smile but these items will help you make the most of your experience.

  • 2 complete warm layers that are not cotton (think fleece, polyester, merino wool etc, for top and bottom)

  • Rain jacket (anything wind and waterproof will work. Doesn't need to be worthy of deep sea fishing)

  • Comfortable walking shoes (don't need to be hiking boots. Anything you are comfy and stable in and don't mind getting wet and maybe dirty)

  • Bathing suit and towel (for swimming or hot springs along the way)

  • Small day pack to carry your personal items on hikes

  • Any medications you need (like epi pens, asthma or heart meds, insulin) Very important!

  • Suitcase/ duffel bag or back pack for your luggage (we have lots of room, bring whatever works- you won't have to carry it)

  • Hiking poles if you feel you might need them to protect your knees on rocky paths

  • Sunscreen, bug spray, sun glasses, lip chap and water bottle are all good ideas

  • Camera for the epic views

Charging Electronics:

We have 5 usb ports in our vans, so you are able to plug your electronic devices in during the time the van is driving.  Some of the bathrooms have power outlets as well, which you can plug in and charge for a while.   Don't forget your charger!

Tour Pick up/ Drop Off:

  • We can pick you up from any hotel in downtown Calgary. (Airport hotels are not ideal due to traffic but let us know and we will see what we can do). We can also pick up from the downtown Greyhound Station.

  • If you are flying in on the day of your tour we recommend meeting at the Marriott Downtown Hotel on 9th Ave SW. (Please make sure you are there by 3:30 pm)

  • You can generally fly in by 2 pm (add time for customs) and a cab from the airport to downtown is roughly 20 minutes

  • Please be ready 15 minutes before the time we say we will be there. (Traffic is unpredictable so we may be a bit early or late).

  • You can choose to be dropped off in Banff at any hotel or the bus station, or any hotel in Calgary, as well as the bus station or the airport. Please don't book any flights before 4 pm on the last day of your tour.


Before participating in your adventure we need a completed waiver from each member of your group. You can view and sign the waiver by clicking below. Please read the entire waiver and make sure you understand the waiver before signing. If you do not understand the waiver or are not comfortable signing the waiver please contact us and we can help.

Phone: 1 (778) 871-2539 Email:

Things we need to know:

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